Thursday, 7 June 2012

Logo quiz answers level 2

Logo Quiz answers level 2 - The logo quiz game app is one of the best game I ever played. This is quite simple and easy to play. What you have do is identify logos of the companies one by one. There are 9 levels (9th level launched recently with more to come in coming month). With about 500 loges, this application is a great time pass when you are getting bored, or traveling to a long distance through bus or Car.

Some logos are easily identifiable but few of them are very rarely seen and not easy to recognise. In that case you are given an option of using hints. If you are still not able to find out the answer, you can ask to your friend using inbuilt face book and twitter chat.

As you move up in levels, it becomes harder and complicated. So if you stuck at any point, don't be panic. Few logo quiz answers level 2 are as follow:


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Deserve a Medal for the iPhone is a hit app - iPhone app

‘Deserve A Medal’ for the iPhone has hit the ‘Whats Hot’ section in its category for the iTunes App Store. The question is what makes ‘Deserve A Medal’ app and its supporting website such a rising success. The answer is its uniqueness and the service it delivers.

The application has been developed to allow users to send virtual awards to friends, family and even work colleagues. It is not every day someone receive rec recognition for something wonderful they have done, or for how kind they have been. Well with this app they can! And as the website hat supports the app says “Medals aren't just for athletes! If you think someone you know deserves a medal, send them one with a personalised certificate.

The application functions pretty much how you would expect it to. There are no bugs and the whole process is simple and easy, taking just a few minutes to complete.

You can take a photo of the deserving person from within the app using the iPhone camera, or just pick a photo from your albums. These can then be used to place a virtual award around the persons neck. This is easy to do and utilises the iPhone touch screen for you to rotate and size.

There are three different certificate styles you can choose to go with the photos. These are all very well designed and each one looks great. Details can be added so you can completely customize the certificate for exactly what you are awarding.

The quality virtual award and photo can hen be emailed to the recipient, or shared on Facebook or twitter. If you want to send a physical medal and certificate the can also be ordered through the application and sent directly to the awardee.

So if you do not have access to an iPhone you can still make use of the ‘Deserve A Medal’ service and concept.

The free iPhone app can be downloaded now at the link below. Send someone a medal today and enjoy their response, you will soon see why ‘Deserve A Medal’ is fast becoming a hit app.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

aReplyapp allows the publicto fill out a questionnaire online

This app has a great concept. It allows any person who wants to gain the information to do so, quickly and professionally using questionnaires. It is paper free and allows for the adding od adding logos/images to be done seamlessly.
If you are filling the questionnaire out face to face you will be on aiPad/iPhone or in the comfort of your home it really at looks really great and high profile to members of the public.
The app comes with some great features such as an iFrame link and results can be exported as XML. You can even print the documents to paper if required and amend or add new questionaries’ at any time.
Obtaining feedback is as valuable, as you need to find out how the public perceive your product or service, where to cut waste and where to invest. You can see the full description of this app and all the great features in the app store, just click the link and under description click more.
Priced competitively at $11.99 now is the time to get hold of this truly great application. Your business will instantly look more professional and high end, as well as giving you the power to focus your business direction by checking the survey results.
The app is far cheaper than any of its rivals and far superior to paper based solutions. Having all the information in one place ready for collating and analysis makes it extremely powerful.
The app has picked up few 5 star reviews already in the UK app store and is set to reach great success. Its creators ‘Thrane Apps’ keep on producing top quality business applications and this latest release is well up there with the best of them.
If you run a service or business this is ideal for you to use and get feedback. Download this superb app now via the links below for your iPad or iPhone.
The app is very easy to use and registration at the supporting website is free. You can make as many questionnaires as you like with the great service.
iPad Version
IPhone Version

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Whats new and how to unlock iPhone 4S ?

People now have to wait for the most desired gadget of the year 2011 i.e. Apple iPhone 5 till next year. All the world was waiting for the release of iPhone 5 before apple announced that it will come in the market next year and released successor of apple iPhone 4 i.e. iPhone 4S. They have some new features added to apple iPhone 4S and improved already exist features in iPhone 4. It was the great disappointment to the iPhone lovers that instead of the announcement of iPhone 5, they came to know that apple is going to announce successor of iPhone 4 only. So now people have to wait till next year. Never mind given below are the features which iPhone 4S has. For those who wants to get unlock iphone 4s services, there are many service providers.

CDMA and GSM support – Unlike iPhone 4, the apple iPhone 4S supports both the networks; GSM as well as CDMA.

More Storage capacity – iPhone 4S has given Flash RAM on board up to 64 MB which solves the purpose of storing more data in  iPhone 4S than iPhone 4.

Faster processing – Apple iPhone 4S comes with improved version of Apple's dual-core A5 processor which fastened the execution of the applications very smoothly.  You may feel the experience of improved processing power in Ipad 2.

Design of Antenna – They have revised the design of antenna which doubles the file transfer rate as you would see in iPhone 4.

1080p HD Recording – Apple iPhone 4S now able to capture the 1080p high definition video which seems to work very well as a result of improved processing power.

Improved Camera- Apple iPhone 4S comes with 8 megapixel camera as compared to 5 megapixel in iPhone 4.

Besides above improved features there are many few features implemented to iPhone 4S which will give you feel of being an owner of it. The iPhone 4S comes in white and black color and is available in 16 GB for $199, 32 GB for $299 and 64 GB for $399. Some people who has apple iPhone 4 don’t want to buy iPhone 4S, they rather want to wait for the next generation iPhone i.e. iPhone 5. They have a feeling that iPhone 4 and 4S are more or less same but according to the news published on various technical blogs, there is a huge crowd at apple stores to buy iPhone 4S which shows whatever the version of iPhone releases, people are always excited.

After the launch of iPhone 4S, iPhone unlock services provider have also become active. There is lot of new website launched where you can get iPhone unlocked. You can found lot of websites which are offering unlock iphone 4s services, the latest iphone generation

Monday, 28 November 2011

Unlock Iphone 5.0

News are spread over the technology blogs that Iphone 5 will be release in the 2nd week of October but until it really launches in the market, we cannot say anything. These are the rumors which are being passed from one blog to other blog and from one person to other. No doubt apple Iphone 5 is the most desirable gadget of the year 2011 but people need not be over excited and see when it gonna hit the market in real.

Unlock iphone 5.0 services providers are also waiting for its launch because they know soon after release of iphone 5, they will earn good money by selling their unlock Iphone 5.0 services. There are free guides and software available online which may help in unlocking iphone 5.0 but not sure if they really work. In case these do not work, you would have to contact iphone unlock services provider which will again cost you a few bucks. It is being predicted that apple will be selling record breaking units in a week or a month.

It was about to release in the month of August but even September has almost gone, we are still waiting for its release. According to sources we come to know that it will be launched in the USA/UK first and then other parts of the world. It is also being said that, it will be available on sprint. These are the predictions and we suggest people to wait and watch, don’t go by this kind of rumors.